Bartlett, Stephen

Name: Stephen Bartlett
Known as:  –

Date of Birth:  –
Place of Birth:  Devonshire, England.

Date of Death: 
Place of Death: 

Rank & Details: Warrant Officer (Commissioned 1896)

Additional information:

Served on Gayundah under Captain Drake.

Born in Devonshire.

Served his time in Plymouth, Dartmoor and Barnstaple before going to sea with the merchant marine.

In 1854 he joined a gun recovery mission to Crimea.

He came to Brisbane at an early age and became a leading shipwright, mast and spar worker and attended to work on the Black Adder, Junina and Cutty Sark before joing the Harbours and Rivers Department as an inspector.

(information source “Redcliffe Herald” July 10, 1958, p.5)