Conway, John

Name: John Conway
Known as:  Jack

Date of Birth:  –
Place of Birth:  Drogheda, Ireland

Date of Death:
Place of Death: 

Rank & Details:

Additional information:

John (Jack) Conway served on Gayundah during WW1 and post WW1 for a time.

Jack Conway was a member of the Royal Australian Naval Brigade, Personnel No. 10.

He achieved the rank of Petty Officer and was first commissioned to the Gayundah out of Sydney.

He served on her during her patrol duties in Moreton Bay out of the port of Brisbane.

After the war he continued to serve on Gayundah for a time during her non-military merchant capacity. [no further details available]

Mr. Conway was born in Drogheda Ireland and immigrated to Australia with his mother as a young boy. He was married to Amelia (Millie) Augusta Blanche Walden, formerly of Townsville. They had seven children .. Myrtle, John, Charles, Lillian, Evelyn, George and Leonard. The only two still surviving [as at June 2008] are Evelyn aged 90 and George aged 87.

Jack Conway’s son George was born in Bundaberg in 1921. George served in the Australian Merchant Navy during WWII and saw active service in the Pacific. One ship he was serving on went down at sea off North Queensland from a Japanese air attack while on convoy duty.


George I. Conway at Gayundah Photo © Michael Semchison

George (as you can see) was really pleased to see the remains of a notable ship and piece of history that is connected to his family.


Thanks:  Information and photograph supplied by Michael Semchison, on behalf of his uncle Mr George I. Conway, of Toombul QLD.