Wilson, James

Name: James Wilson
Known as:  –

Date of Birth: –
Place of Birth: 

Date of Death: 
Place of Death: 
Cause of Death:  –

Rank & Details:  Serial number 1563

Additional information:

Commenced Service 2/4/1912
Gayundah O.S. 12/4/1912 – 30/4/1913
Gayundah A.B. 1/5/1913 – 31/12/1913
Penguin A.B. Depot Ship, Sydney.
Gayundah A.B. 3/8/1914 – 31/1/1915
Penguin A.B. Depot Ship, Sydney.

Notes – Obtained driver’s licence with Sydney Residential address at time of first service in Penguin


If anyone can provide further details, or let me know what “A.B.” and “O.S” might stand for, please contact us.


Thanks: Information courtesy of Richard Wilson (James’ grandson)