Smith, Sydney Mercer

8 Sydney Mercer Smith HMQS Gayundah 1892
Sydney Mercer Smith, Gayundah, 1892

Name: Sydney Mercer Smith
Known as:  later Sydney Mercer Smith (Snr) – he named one of his sons Sydney Mercer Smith.

Date of Birth:  –
Place of Birth: 

Date of Death: 
Place of Death: 
Cause of Death: –

Rank & Details: Navigating Lieutenant Gayundah 15/10/1889 – 30/9/1892

Additional information:


For a brief though fascinating insight into the life and career of a seaman read “An Australian Seaman” – autobiographical notes by Sydney Mercer Smith Snr. To read the document click here to open in new tab.







1 Gayundah Crew SMS at hatch corner
Gayundah Crew with Sydney Mercer Smith near right corner of hatch.
No other names available.


2 Naval Crew 2
Officers of the Gayundah in Summer rig. Sydney Mercer Smith at far right.
4 Gayundah Crew
Gayundah crew with Sydney Mercer Smith at left.
(Supposition based on the shape and colour of the hatch).
7 SMS Appointment QLD Navy
Certificate of appointment as Lieutenant in the Marine Defence Force.
5 Record of Service Gayundah
Record of Service written and signed by Captain Francis P Taylor.
Reference from QLD Premier
Character reference provided by the Queensland Premier Robert Philp, dated 17th December 1901



Thanks:  Material courtesy of Ross Black, of Mackay Qld. Ross is the great grandson of Sydney Mercer Smith (Snr).  Documents copyright Ross Black.  Documents and Images are not to be reproduced without express written permission.

Ross would like to acknowledge the work of his late uncle Mr. Keith Bowerman (a Grandson of Sydney Mercer Smith Snr, and son of his Daughter Frances) for his meticulous work in collecting and preserving various family documents, from which this information has been produced.