The Men


These men (and they are, so far, all men) are those known to have been associated with the Queensland Maritime Defence Force.

Data is updated periodically as information comes to hand.

SurnameGiven NamesNOTESBornDiedRank / RoleLocationGayundahDetailsmentioned
AckersWilliam ArcherLieutenantRetired List. 1904.
apt Acting sub-l 1885
AugustesenJens Neilsen186417/02/1940Petty OfficerBrisbane / Thursday Islandlink
BarclayJohnChief EngineerBrisbaneNo. QGS Lucinda
BarnesAlfred AllenChief EngineerBrisbaneYes1904, 1907
BarnettGeorge BenjaminLieutenantBrisbane1898, 1904
BartlettStephenW/O and Chief CarpenterWarrant OfficerBrisbaneYeslink
BeattieW.H.Sub-LieutenantBrisbaneYesJun 1898 Sub-Lieutenant
BennetThomas18261915Commander, EngineerBrisbaneYeslink1890 Chief Engineer
BennettWilliam SellarsSub-LieutenantRockhampton
BennettCEngineerBrisbaneYesSep 1889 Staff-engineer
Nov 1889 Engineer
BenwellHugh P HLieutenant
BeresfordJoseph Arthur HamiltonLieutenantBrisbaneYeslinkDec 1898, 1901 Officer-Instructor
1910 Lieutenant (Gunnery Officer)
BlackboroEdwin AdolphusSub-LieutenantBrisbane1904
BlakeWilliam Henrypre 18671901-1906Chief GunnerTownsville, Brisbanelink
BloomfieldDanuel George?Daniel? Bandmaster W/OWarrant OfficerBrisbane
BondThomas ArthurSub-LieutenantBrisbane
BoultEdward JamesLieutenantunattached (N)1904
BowenRowland GriffithSub-LieutenantBrisbane1904
1907 Sub- Lieutenant, Naval Militia
BowkerLieutenantRockhamptonYesNov 1889 the Rockhampton Naval Defence Force,
BoydWilliam Alexander JenynsLieutenantapt Lieutenant 1885
BrennanMW/O Boatswain BrisbaneMoreton Bay pilotage duties
BrockwayArchibald BirtStaff SurgeonBrisbane1904
ButcherJoseph EdwardLieutenantunattached (N)1904
ButtreyN.G.CaptainYesDec 1885 Navigating Officer
CameronStuart WilliamSub-LieutenantBrisbane1904
CameronWaverley FletherW Fletcher? CCommanderBrisbaneRetired List1898 Lieutenant
1904 Commander
CampbellArthurGunner W/OWarrant OfficerBrisbaneYes1904, 1907
CampbellRobertSub-LieutenantRetired List1904
CareedonInstructorMaryboroughYesJun 1898
ChesterHenry MarjoribanksLieutenantRetired List 1904
Appt lieutenant 1885
ClarkeFrederick James18651920Petty Officerlink
CollinsJLeading StokerDec 1898 leading stoker
CowieAlfredLieutenantRetired List1904
CreswellWilliam Rooke18521933Captain, Commandant, Qld Naval CommandantBrisbaneYeslink1901 Qld Naval Commandant
CurtisGeorge Arthur HamiltonLieutenantBrisbaneYes1893 Navigating officer, 1898, 1901, 1904, 1907 Lieutenant
1909 Commander Gayundah
1910 Lieutenant (Navigating Officer)
1911 Commander Gayundah
Dale(possible duplication of Dole)Artificer EngineerYes1907
DillAlbert LuciusChief Engineer
DixonGunner's mateJul 1890
DoleJosephartificer/engineer/boatswain W/OWarrant OfficerBrisbaneYesDec 1898 artificer engineer (boatswain),
1904 Art/Eng
DouglasAlexander DCommanderRetired List 1904.
apt lieutenant 1885
DowningJGunnerYesJul 1890
DrakeWaltonCaptainBrisbaneYes (Retired List 1904)linkappointed Commander 1889, A/g Commandant 1892.
1898 Captain Commanding Gayundah
1898 Acting Naval Commandant
1890 Captain (R.N.)
Eastaughfee FrederickLieutenantAppt lieutenant 1885
ElstonHenry George18621923MateYes
EnglandT.D.1900 - possibly Rockhampton Naval Brigade
EyreHenry CornwallLieutenantunattached1904
EyreWalter MorrisLieutenantRetired List1904
FawcettJohn JacobLieutenantunattached1904
FearnleyJohn GillettLieutenantCairns
FisherWalterSurgeonRetired List1904
FitzgeraldG. P. M.LieutenantYes1913 Lieutenant and Commander of Gayundah
FosterWQuartermasterBrisbaneDec 1898 Quartermaster
FrancisThomas WilliamLieutenantBundaberg
GradyJWarrant OfficerBrisbaneDec 1898
GrahlJamesLieutenantunattached (N)1904
GrantWilliam George14/12/1895TownsvillelinkDrowned T/ville
GrayCharles GeorgeLieutenant1904
GraySub-LieutenantMaryboroughYesJun 1898 Sub-Lieutenant
GreadyJChief BoatswainBrisbaneYes1904
GreavesWGunnery InstructorBrisbaneDec 1898
GreerGeorge SamuelAssistant Storekeeper (W/O)Warrant OfficerBrisbane1904
HamiltonJohn ReidSub-LieutenantRetired List1904
HarringtonHubert ErnestSub-LieutenantMaryborough
HawkesClaude SomervilleSurgeonBrisbane
HeskethSpenser Bold23/04/18535/12/1903LieutenantBrisbaneYeslink Dec 1885, Dec 1898
HessionCharles Thomaslink
HowittJames ParkerEngineerunattached1904
HumeWalter Cunningham18401921Lieutenantunattachedlink1904
HurfordWilliamLieutenantunattached (N)1904
JohnThompsonSurgeon, Sergeant MajorJ T MB apt surgeon major to officers and men gayundah 1885
JohnstonThomas LawLieutenantunattached (N)1904
JonesGeorge JohnActing Gunner and Instructor W/OWarrant OfficerRockhampton1904
JossGeorgeWarrant Officer1904
JoyJohn DempseyLieutenantunattached (N)1904
JunnerAlexanderLieutenantBrisbaneNo - QGS "Otter"1904
KeanePActing Gunner and Instructor1904
Kearne (or Keane?)PatrickActing Gunner and Instructor W/OWarrant OfficerMackay1904
KebbellWilliam (possibly but unlikely Walton as first name rather than Wiliam)Staff SurgeonBrisbaneDec 1898
KeenRobertLieutenantRetired List (N)1904
KnowlesAlfred RichardGunner and Instructor, W/OWarrant OfficerMaryborough1904
KortunHelmuth Axel Frederick BernhardMedical Officerunattached1904
LeeFrancis George`Lieutenantunattached (N)1904
Lee BryceWilliam MillerLieutenantRetired List1904
LewisWQuartermasterBrisbaneDec 1898 Quartermaster
MacartneyGeorge WilliamSurgeonapt surgeon 1885
MackenzieColin CampbellLieutenantunattached (N)1904
MacqueenW SChaplainBrisbane
MalcolmAChief Petty OfficerBrisbaneDec 1898
MalcolmWLeading StokerBrisbaneDec 1898 leading stoker
MalcolmBrisbaneYesJun 1898 stated as former ship steward Gayundah
Marshall?unconfirmed (delivery crew?)
MayH JQuartermaster, yeoman of signals?BrisbaneDec 1898 quartermaster and yeoman of signals
MeekRobert AugustusSurgeonBrisbane
MilesHarry BendaNaval Storekeeper / Torpedo Instructor / Torpedo-gunnerStorekeeperBrisbaneYeslinkNov 1889 - earlier of Plymouth, attached to H.M. torpedo ship Defiance. Now under 3 year engagement to Qld Govt as torpedo instructor. Joined Gayundah 6 months ago.
Sep 1889 Torpedo-instructor
Nov 1889 Torpedo-Gunner
MoretonAlgernon HowardSub-LieutenantMaryborough
MorleyETorpedo coxswainBrisbaneDec 1898 Torpedo coxswain
MorryW.H JLeading StokerBrisbaneDec 1898 leading stoker
MudfordWilliamChief GunnerRetired List1904
NapierYeoman of SignalsYesJun 1898
NeilsonTrevor CottierSub-LieutenantBrisbane
NellWLeading StokerBrisbaneDec 1898 leading stoker
NicolsonRobert Bruce31/05/183819/03/1893First EngineerYeslinkDec 1898
NisbotThomasSub-LieutenantTownsvillesometimes Nisbet?
PartJ.A.1900 - possibly Rockhampton Naval Brigade
PemberEdwardActing Gunner and Instructor W/OWarrant OfficerTownsville1904
PennefatherCharles Edward de FonblanqueCaptainRetired List1904
Penny John Alexander CairnsLieutenantMaryborough
PethebridgeSamuel AugustusCommanderRetired List1904
PhillipsWilliam"Billy"YesWW1 minesweeping
Pirie?CaptainRoyal Navy, in command Paluma during 1893 floods.1893
PollockEdward VincentPaymasterBrisbanelink1886, 1889, 1890, 1898, 1899, 1901
PrestonLieutenantYesSep 1889 Navigating Lieutenant
16.10.1889 The Telegraph reports his resignation from position as navigating lieutenant of Gayundah
RichardsonCaptain, Qld Naval Commandant.Yes1910
RichardsonJpossibly same Richardson later naval commandant ?Second EngineerYesDec 1885
RocksPatrickLieutenantRetired List1904
RogersJohnInstructor: Chief GunnerInstructorBrisbane1898, 1904
RussellTorpedo-EngineerYesSep, Nov 1889 Torpedo-Engineer
RutledgeHarold MoretonSub-LieutenantBrisbane
SalisburyChief ArmourerYesJun 1898
SavageGeorgeLieutenantunattached (N)1904
ShaleJohn FrederickEngineerunattached1904
SmithA PChief StewardGayundah at time of H T-W mutiny thing
SmithSidney Hugh HollandSub-Lieutenantunattached1904
SmithSydney Mercerlate 1850'sNavigating LieutenantYes, but unattached 1904linkearlier former officer of the S.S. Eurimbla

appointed 15/10/1889 - 30/9/1892
SouthJames HodderLieutenantBrisbaneNo QGS "Lucinda"1904
SpiersLieutenantRockhamptonYesNov 1889 the Rockhampton Naval Defence Force,
StephensCharles ThomasSub-LieutenantCairns
StewartJohn MarcusSub-LieutenantRetired List1904
StoneGeorgeW/OTownsville ?1904
SturtRobertSub-LieutenantRetired List1904
SwallowThomas Fulton Lieutenantunattached1904
SwitzerCaptain (likely CIVILIAN)1898 - Pinkenba. Came aboard for the purpose of adjusting the compasses and departed.
TaylorFrancis PringleLieutenant, CaptainBrisbaneYeslink

earlier: a lieutenant of H.M.S. Wolverine

Sep, Nov 1889 Captain
Jun 1890 Captain
Aug 1892 Captain
Dec 1898 Captain
TrinnettAssistant PaymasterYes1907
WadeNewtonMedical Officerunattached1904
WardJohn WhittakerSub-LieutenantBrisbane
Lieutenant-Commander 1912
WeatherillWilliam JohnCommanderRetired List1904
WiddupErnestYeslinkYes early 1901 possibly til courtmartialeld and dismissed from Navy in 1910
WileyN.G.1900 - possibly Rockhampton Naval Brigade
WilliamsFrederick GeorgeCanonChaplainTownsville
WilliamsRobert Bryce RussellLieutenantRetired List1904
WilsonC.E.First EngineerBrisbaneYesDec 1885
WrightHenry TownleyCaptain, CommandantBrisbaneYeslinkDec 1885 (Gayundah had a crew of 40 at this time)
Dec 1898


It’s become a very popular, and fascinating, hobby to investigate our family histories. In the course of doing so, many people have come across links with Gayundah (or Paluma) which they’d like to share, and also seeking further information on relatives who did, or may have, served aboard these ships.

While I simply don’t have the time to investigate people’s family histories (and I’m sure no-one expects me to) I am very happy to read, and publish, your stories.

If you know from your research that you have a relative who served (or may have served) aboard these ships, I am very happy to include these details in the hope that some other site visitor may be able to shed some light !

Naturally this information also helps me in my own research on the ship and her crew.