The gunboat Gayundah arrived last evening about 5 o’clock, from Moreton Bay, where two days’ training had been carried out with the Maryborough corps as a crew, under the direction of the acting naval commandant, Captain Drake. The officers were Lieutenants W. F. Cameron and G. B.Barnett (Brisbane), Sublieutenants Gray (Maryborough) and W. H. Beattie (Brisbane), the drills being supervised by Instructors Rogers (Brisbane) and Careedon (Maryborough). The cables were slipped at 8 o’clock on Wednesday morning, and during the run to the bay ship routine work was entered upon. Hands were told off into watches, boat crews, gun crews, lifeboat crews, &c. Special attention was paid to fire stations, every man being told off, and during the trip the men were called to fire quarters repeatedly, imaginary fires being located in all parts of the gunboat. After breakfast the crew fell in for drill, with the 6-inch and 8-inch breechloading guns, the 3-pounder quick-firing guns, and the 1-inch and the 0.45-inch machine guns, this occupying the whole of the forenoon. The weather in the afternoon was not so favourable for the manoeuvres, misty showers being experienced, which rendered signalling rather difficult. The vessel was cleared for action, and the men exercised, at general quarters. Instruction in the semaphore, and Morse systems of signals was given under Yeoman of Signals Napier. At night a snug anchorage was made between Peel Island and Dunwich.

Next morning the gunboat was got underway about 6.15 and- being made trim, steamed to the bay, where a target was dropped overboard and she was hove to for gun practice under the instruction of Chief Armourer Salisbury. The use of the Morriss tubes having been explained, all hands were given an opportunity of firing from the 6-inch and 8 inch guns. Practice was next entered upon with the quick-firing and machine guns, and in repelling a boat’ attack fire was opened from small arms in volleys and independently. Target practice from the heavy guns was then engaged in, the projectiles used being Palliser, common shell, shrapnel, and case shot. Two targets were carried away. At the conclusion of the practice the gunboat steamed for town, the journey up the river being occupied with signal classes and stations for manning and arming ships’ boats, and also for abandoning ship. The drills were very creditably gone through, and the training appreciated by the men. During the trip the engines were in charge of the engineer-in-chief (Mr. A. Barnes). On returning to the stores the officer on board joined their comrades at headquarters, and the remainder of the evening was spent in harmony.’

Training commenced again this morning. At the stores the drills will be a repetition of what has already been gone through and this afternoon there will be open-air drill at the Brisbane cricket ground .In the evening the officers will entertain a number of friends at a mess dinner at the naval stores, when it is expected some member of the Government will be present. The mess arrangements for the Officers and men during the week have been supervised by Staff-paymaster Pollock and Mr.Malcolm, formerly ship steward of the Gayundah, and every satisfaction has been given to the officers and men.

The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld. : 1872 – 1947)  Fri 24 Jun 1898  Page 6

Note: Above has some details of men to add to muster. (incl maryborough naval brigade)