Brisbane, Qld.

Gayundah in Attendance.

The final leave of the Australian Auxiliary Squadron was taken in Moreton Bay yesterday by H.M. gunboat Gayundah, Captain Taylor in command. As stated yesterday, the gunboat followed the admiral’s flagship down the river to the bay. On the signal for departure, the flagship (H.M.S. Katoomba) led off, followed in strict line by the other cruisers in order of the seniority of the captains. The Gayundah steamed alongside the Katoomba for some distance across the bay. Signals were interchanged, the Gayundah’s being “Wish you a pleasant passage,” and the Admiral’s a reply of thanks. The  Gayundah then hoisted a flag signalling “adieu,” and turning towards Brisbane, steamed back down the line of cruisers with the flag still flying. All the cruisers responded, and the leave-taking was hearty on both sides. The Gayundah then returned to town. The Queensland gunboat was visited by all the captains during their stay in Brisbane.

The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld. : 1872 – 1947)  Fri 4 Sep 1891    Page 5