Gayundah destined for coastaI trade

Gayundah for CoastaI Trade.

It was mentioned recently in the ‘Post’ that the gunboat Gayundah, which for many years formed portion of Queensland’s miniature navy, is to return to this State as a cargo vessel. Some weeks ago the Navy Department called tenders for the purchase of the Gayundah, and J. Burke Ltd., Brisbane. were the successful tenderers. It is proposed to convert the gunboat into a cargo vessel and employ her in the Queensland coastal trade. The Gayundah. to which an interesting and romantic history attaches, is a vessel of 300 tons, and was built for the Queensland Government about 30 years ago. Together with the gunboat Paluma and the torpedo boot Midge, she formed the Queensland “fleet” for a number of years.

The Northern Herald (Cairns, Qld. : 1913 – 1939)  Wed 12 Jan 1921   Page 6