Gayundah recommissioned.

The gunboat Gayundah was recommissioned yesterday morning, the officers and crew being sworn in in the usual way. The Premier (the Hon. J. R. Dickson) paid a visit to the vessel during the morning, and was received by a guard of honour. After the men had been reviewed and inspected by the ship’s officers, prayers were read. The men were then again mustered, and addressed by the Premier, who spoke in eulogistic terms of the ship and those who had been placed in charge of her. Among those on board, in addition to the Premier, were :- Captain Drake, Staff-paymaster E. V. Pollock, Lieutenant Beresford (officer instructor), Lieutenant Curtis (navigating lieutenant), and Staff-surgeon Wm. Kebbell. The Premier subsequently inspected the Naval Stores, having for his guide Captain Drake, and was afterwards entertained, at luncheon on the Gayundah. Captain Drake also had as guests Major-General Gunter and Mr. Dutton. The officers of the Gayundah, other than the commander and navigating lieutenant are as follow :- J. Grady (warrant officer) ; J. Dole, artificer engineer (boatswain) ; A. Malcolm (chief petty officer) ; W. Greaves (gunnery instructor) ; H. J. May (quartermaster and yeoman of signals) ; W. Foster and W. Lewis (quartermasters) ; E. Morley (torpedo coxswain) ; and J. Collins, W. H. J. Morry, W. Nell, and W. Malcolm (leadlng stokers).

The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 – 1933)  Fri 2 Dec 1898  Page 3

Note: This article has good details of crew as at Dec 1898