Maryborough, Qld.

The church parade of naval men on Sunday morning last was largely attended. The parade headed by the Naval Ehd. marched from the Government wharf, alongside of which the Gayundah as lying, a contingent falling out on route and entering St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, whilst the remainder proceeded to St. Paul’s Church of England, where the Rev. Hamlyn Harris preached an able sermon appropriate to the occasion, and particularly interesting to the lads in navy blue.

Yesterday shortly after mid-day the gunboat Gayundah, after having coaled, left for the Bay with Reserve M on board in addition to Reserve O, already on board. She will return to port on Friday, when Reserve O will have completed their 17 days training. Reserve M will complete its six days’ training on Saturday. On Saturday afternoon a triangular rifle match will take place on the local range between teams representing the gunboat Gayundah, the Naval Reserve, and the military forces.

On Monday next the naval cadets will board the Gayundah for their whole day drills, after which the Gayundah will finally depart for Brisbane on the following Saturday, not before however, its crew have given a social and dance (of which announcement will be made in due course), in aid of local charities, on Tuesday night next.

Maryborough Chronicle, Wide Bay and Burnett Advertiser.  7 Oct 1913.   Page 5