Maryborough, Qld.

The gunboat, Gayundah will return to port early this afternoon from a week’s cruise down the Bay with the Maryborough Naval. Reserve, who have been undergoing a Vigorous and Instructive course of training on board. ‘Up in years’ though she is, the Gayundah’s usefulness is not the least impaired. She has done yeoman service in the past and with the advance of time has increased her utility in the Queensland naval arena. A church parade of all the naval men in port will take place tomorrow. Oh Monday the Naval Reserve (M) will embark for a six days’ course of instruction on board , and at the conclusion of the training the Gayundah will remain in port the following week, when the naval cadets will be afforded an opportunity of performing their drills on board.  During the same week it is the intention of the crew of the Gayundah to hold a benefit social and dance in the Drill Hall, the proceeds of which will be devoted to local chanties. The crew in question are reported to be good entertainers. At the completion of her stay in Maryborough the Gayundah will proceed to Brisbane.

Maryborough Chronicle, Wide Bay and Burnett Advertiser (Qld. : 1860 – 1947)  Sat 4 Oct 1913   Page 5