The Uniform of Naval Officers and men in colonial Queensland was based on the 1879 Royal Navy dress code, with a few variations regarding buttons &c.

(RN uniform details can be found here )

Naval Brigade and Naval Volunteer Artillery also had slight variations.


I was fortunate to acquire a genuine Uniform button for the HMQS Gayundah collection.

Featuring the letters HMQN for “Her Majesty’s Queensland Navy” these buttons featured on QMDF Uniforms.


Manufacturer: L.W.JONES & CO, GOLDEN SQUARE, London


It’s possible it’s the same button I saw for sale many years ago, and was silly enough not to purchase at the time.

Qld Martime Forces button
Found for sale at a market this uniform button was labelled Australia Pre Fed Qld Navy Tunic Button (Her Majesty’s Qld Navy) Rare $50 1/875