Queensland’s gunboats were fitted with a range of armament during various periods in their service lives.

Gayundah was originally fitted with an 8-inch breech loading gun (for’d), a 6-inch breech loading gun (aft), two 1.5-inch quick-firing guns, and two machine guns.

Paluma, primarily used as a survey vessel for the first ten years of her service was disarmed for that period. Her main 8-inch gun was never fitted in the first instance, being shipped separately aboard a commercial vessel rather than fitted for her delivery journey.

The guns fitted were of the following types:

Details of the various guns fitted to Queensland's gunboats during their service lives.
DesignationManufacturerBore (Calibre)WeightProjectile WeightMuzzle velocityRangeDetails
8" BL8"100 tons8 miles
6" BL Mk.V6"?100 pounds1,920 feet per second
5" BL5"
4.7" BL4.7"
1.5” QF Nordenfeldt1.5 “
Gun & mounting
2,000 pounds
2.8 pounds
2,000 feet per second
(600 m/sec)
1" QF 4-barrel Nordenfeldt1"

12 pounder QF
6 pounder QFNordenfeldt2.2"6 pounds4,000 yards
MGNordenfelt type larger bored gun (starboard gayundah 1885)
MGNordenfelt type a bore very similar to that of a Martini-Henry rifle (port side gayundah 1885)