Brisbane, Qld.

The Gayundah’s Training Cruise.

The gunboat Gayundah, which has been in dry-dock preparatory to being put in commission for a seven-months training cruise up the Queensland coast, will be brought to the Naval Depot Wharf this morning to take aboard coal and provisions for the voyage. The Gayundah, which is to be manned by a crew of  50 ? all told, under the command of Lieutenant-Commander Warren, will leave on Thursday morning at daylight for Bundaberg and Northern ports, where the first training operations (under the new compulsory system) of naval cadets will be carried out. Recruits and naval reserves will also take part in the training, and gun practice will also be held. It is anticipated that the cruise will occupy seven months, and that a return will be made to Brisbane in December next.

The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 – 1933)  Tue 14 May 1912   Page 6