Brisbane, Qld.

The Queensland gunboat Gayundah has had several repairs and alterations to her machinery executed. During her trip up north the crank pin of the shaft of the port after engine broke. The crank was temporarily repaired by Mr. Wilson, the chief engineer, and has now been thoroughly put in order. Her boilers have also been attended to. The Gayundah will probably go down the bay early this week, when practice in firing heavy and machine guns will be indulged in, and she will afterwards take part in the Easter manoeuvres. The Gayundah will probably take a trip to Sydney before going north, to allow her officers and men to go through a Whitehead torpedo course on board H.M.S. Nelson, which arrived in Sydney on the 14th instant.

The Week (Brisbane, Qld. : 1876 – 1934)  Sat 20 Mar 1886  Page 7