Thursday Island, QLD

H.M.A.S. Gayundah arrived yesterday morning on Thursday Island and anchored in midstream opposite the Adelaide wharf. The Gayundah during the past few months, has been on the North-west coast, and, as reported in the “Post” telegraphic columns some time ago, seized two foreign fishing vessels that were alleged to, be illegally fishing within the limits of Australian waters, and towed them into Broome. The Gayundah is (obscured text) …row, when she will leave for Townsville. The presence of the ship will revive pleasant memories to those who remember her for many years. She has done splendid work in the training service, and there are numbers in Queensland today who owe much to the service they underwent in annually on the Gayundah.  Of course the ship cannot be classed with the more recent additions, to the Australian Navy, but in view of the splendid record she bears it is felt by many that a word should be “put in for the old Gayundah”.

Cairns Post.  19 Aug 1911.  Page 4